Volunteer Women’s Self defense Instructor Who Gives HOURS and HOURS of His Time to Help Empower Women, Needs Help


From Chris’s GoFundMe site:
“…can not thank everyone enough. In addition to the financial assistance that is seen here, there are things that are unseen…referrals to roofers, suggestions, words of encouragement, etc….”


Been informed by home insurance that I will be cancelled if I do not have a new roof by January 9th. Other insurance company is not an option as none will insure my area of the state. Been denied loan attempts and “make too much” for the one assistance program I have found. Mortgage Company has no program to assist in roof replacement. Hate asking for help this way (or asking for help for that matter), but am at a loss. Thank you for the help

“Have I told you yet just who this is and why I want to help him? It’s not because of the puppy (altho that’s a great reason right there) it’s because of how much of himself he shares to help others…he is one of our R.A.D. instructors…not just any instructor, but one of OUR instructors…he gives HOURS and HOURS of his time to help empower women and teach them to respect themselves and their abilities…he dons a protective suit and places himself in front of women that need to learn to defend themselves…he drives up to Levy county or Alachua county on an almost weekly basis to help with our local R.A.D. programs and we couldn’t do it without him….please consider supporting him. Thank you.” Lori M.


John isn’t sure if he’s traveling or not. He’s been in the Gville area for awhile. But that doesn’t seem to be working out too well for him. He said he had thought about going to church but…… my guess is he doesn’t feel presentable enough to go in a church. I told him God was everywhere and if he couldn’t make it to church, he could make his own, just pray. He wasn’t really talkative but he knows God bought him lunch and a cold drink. Keep John in your prayers, if you would. All glory to God.


(UPDATE: wandering around, I spotted a camp and turns out, it was John’s. So he and his friend got a goody bag too. Wasn’t invited in, so I didn’t meet his friend but I got a big smile and a wave.

Temp Work or Financial Help Needed

We are working with a gentleman in the Ocala/Williston/Gainesville Florida area that is a single parent and has been out of work for six weeks. He has a job lined up but has to wait for the employer to do a background check and drug screen.

Unfortunately, his rent is due at the end of this week. He is willing to work temp until his permanent job comes through.
If you’d like to help or if you have work to be done for a fair wage, please contact us and we will put you in contact with him.


I’m happy to share the good news that God provided and this gentleman is now at work at his new job. ALL GLORY TO GOD ALL THE TIME!

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Part of What We See As Our Mission

All Glory To God is a fledgling organization that strives to help how and where we are needed; by doing this we hope to achieve our main goal which is to Glorify God. (1 Corinthians 1:26-31)

As time goes by, some of what we post will be situations around the country and the world where help is needed. Unfortunately, at this point, All Glory To God is fairly limited in what we can accomplish, we just don’t have the funding. (If you’d like to help us, please see our Donation Page) But we want to enlighten those that read our blog of the needs that exist, in hopes that people will be moved to help, even if they choose to help a different agency or to help on their own.

We believe that the closer we get to a world where it is natural for neighbor to help neighbor and organization to help organization, the closer we get to the type of world that Jesus asks us to achieve. Please make up your mind to notice a local need and to do what you can to fill that need. (Matthew 22:37-40)

We ask that you consider your safety when walking into a situation that might not be exactly what it seems. Sometimes people in need are not necessarily the easiest people to deal with, so be cautious, but by all means help.